We at ADT - My Dental Shop are always interested in offering you to offer additional products and services that will make your everyday work facilitate or Production processes optimize. Until now here the Focus on dental products.

Time continues to turn rapidly and not least also by the Covid pandemic, in addition to digital products, were also digital Services around the dental workflow is becoming more and more popular. For this reason we have decided to cooperate with the digital manufacturing center Cadfab 3D decided to offer our customers a to offer another possibility of cooperation can.

Cadfab 3D
Cadfab 3D

From now on we enable you in cooperation also 3D printing and even Milling services also at particularly favorable ADT conditions. The additive manufacturing through 3D printing as well as the Milling service offers new possibilities in dental technology to to work precisely, quickly and cleanly.

Store subprocesses simple and convenient off and win You thereby at Time and efficiency.
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