Precious metal recycling with ADT - For you and our environment!

ADT offers Give you a Professional processing of your precious metal. With us you can send in not only dental gold but also gold/silver coins, scrap gold, jewelry gold, dross and filing.

Our services are for you:

  • a material-friendly and profitable way of reconditioning your metals
  • a well-rehearsed recycling process, from the Collection until settlement
  • an accurate and mechanical analysis of your metals
  • a daily updated price evaluation of your metals
  • a transparent accounting

In the laboratory: good preparation ensures valuable yields

If possible, separate filings (precious metal cones, castings and filings) from dross (sweepings and vacuum/filter bags).

Avoid mixing precious metal residues with ceramic waste, investment material/blasting sand residues.

Check waste, investment/blasting sand residues for traces of precious metal before disposal. Investment material/blasting sand residues increase the weight extremely, contain very little precious metal, make reprocessing very difficult. expensive and have lost nothing in both filing and dross.

Container for collecting of waste containing precious metals we provide free of charge.

For more information about our recycling service, please call us at the following number: 0211 9543 2000.

We would be happy to explain the exact process to you over the phone and are available to answer any questions you may have about sending in your metals.

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