The best in their class: Our Burn-on alloys and Model casting alloys From ADT are optimally suited for a secure bond with ceramics, are biocompatible and have proven their excellent quality worldwide. The ADT non-precious dental alloys are known for their ease of finishing and problem-free oxide removal and offer a pleasant workflow. All dental alloys are nickel, cadmium, beryllium and lead free. 

ADT - Burn-on alloy from NEM


ADT EASY - 180

ADT CC - 280

ADT GA - 280

ADT CC-CLASSIC is a universal CoCr firing alloy for all conventional ceramics and complies with the EN ISO 22674 standard with the Type 4.

ADT Easy-180 is a dental metal-ceramic alloy Nickel based and corresponds to type 3 for fixed multi-unit dentures according to EN ISO 22674.

ADT CC-280 is a dental metal-ceramic alloy based on cobalt and corresponds to EN ISO 22674 type 4 for for burn-on alloys.

ADT GA-280 is a universal CoCr fusing alloy for all conventional ceramics. This alloy complies with EN ISO 22674, type 5.

ADT - pattern casting alloy from NEM

ADT LA - 360

ADT F - 380

ADT LA-360 complies with EN ISO 22674 type 5 for applications where parts of the fixture require a combination of high stiffness and yield strength. 

ADT F-380 is a biocompatible cobalt-based pattern casting alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. This complies with the EN ISO 22674 standard, type 5.

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