Zirconia - Multilayer 

DMAX multilayer1100 Solutions specializes in dental innovations. The innovative material stands for the highest esthetics and quality for all indications - from single-tooth restorations to 14-unit bridges.The zirconia manufactory from Korea develops DMAX multilayer1100 with the aim of coming extremely close to natural teeth and increasing the effectiveness and quality of the restorations. State-of-the-art production lines allow an unbeatable price-performance ratio despite high-quality raw materials.


Economical and efficient with only one inexpensive material quickly to the high-quality Result!

Versatile Indications from crowns to complete jaw restorations

  • Flexural strength: 1,100 to 800MPa 
  • Fracture toughness2: > 5 MPa - m1/2


  • with high aesthetics and high strengths 
  • High translucency and antagonist-sparing abrasion supported by high strength at a sintering temperature of 1,530°C

46% translucency + 800 MPa strength due to 4Y-TZP zirconia in the incisal area, where high translucency is required.


DMAX Hybrid sets new standards in the laboratory. The innovative material
stands for highest aesthetics and quality for all indications - from the
Single-tooth restoration up to the 14-unit bridge. Thereby remains
maintain creativity and flexibility, because DMAX Hybrid is
compatible with all common processing techniques.
As true "all-rounder becomes DMAX Hybrid the economy
and increase efficiency in the laboratory.

Hybrid- the combination of proven

Through most modern production technology the combination of high-strength 3Y-TZP zirconium oxide and highly translucent 5Y-PSZ in a
special process. This creates a material that Strength
liefert wo sie benötigt wird und "Antagonist sparing" aesthetics in

functional areas is possible.

High-End Ästhetik und ideale Festigkeiten vereint Lithium-Disilikat-Ästhetik, Antagonisten-Schonendere-Abrasion und hohe Festigkeit!

Full flexibility in the application
Alle Verarbeitungstechniken möglich wie Mal-, Cut-Back-, Verblend- und Infiltrationstechnik.

All indications 
From the crown to the complete jaw restoration
Flexural strength: 1.200 – 800MPa Bruchzähigkeit2: > 5 MPa · m1/2

All colors and heights
Available in16 A-D colors in 14-25mm height

Extremely economical
Reduces complexity in selection and inventory management
it right material

Ausgewogene Ästhetik und Festigkeit
 The innovative Fülltechnologie für die zwei Rohstoffe 3Y-TZP
and 5Y-PSZ enables a stepless, layer-free color,
Translucency and strength progression in the restoration.

Jetzt zugreifen und CAD/CAM Zirkonoxid – Multilayer1100 sichern!